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We are on a mission to make furnishing easy. If you have moved once, then you know the problem we’re solving. Above all, careers at Furnishr are for people with a passion to make lives easier by taking away the stress of setting up a home or office. Our team includes interior designers, marketers, customer service professionals, strategists, writers, developers, and more. If you want to learn more about who currently works at Furnishr, please visit About Us 

The Furnishr Solution

1. Design packages of furniture and accessories for your entire home.

2. Coordinate logistics of purchasing and shipping.

3. Deliver and set up everything from your design package in your home.

If you are a problem solver like us, and you are interested in careers at Furnishr, then please send your resume to careers@furnishr.com

Karen Lau and Mike Van, Co-Founders of Furnishr.

Interested in writing an article about Furnishr? Please drop us a note at hi@furnishr.com and we’ll be happy to chat. Our readers are interested in topics related to furnishing, moving, relocating, interior design, and city living. We are not currently accepting any new guest posts, but please get in touch if you’d like to be on the waitlist. 

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Toronto Office Address:

20 Richmond St E., Suite 6000, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2R9

Email: careers@furnishr.com