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About Furnishr

We believe every home can be beautiful without breaking the bank. But really, we founded Furnishr simply because moving sucks! Each time we moved to a new home, the process was onerous. We used to spend so much time on furnishing! For instance, we had to find new furniture, wait for deliveries, and then assemble it all. As a result, the whole process was time consuming and stressful. Instead, we wondered if there was a professional who could find everything we needed and set it all up for us. Most importantly, we realized other people were having the same problem. After that, we set out to make high-quality interior design available to everyday consumers. That’s why we founded Furnishr. 

Furnishr works in the gap between decorators and suppliers. Firstly, we make furnishing easy and efficient with a comprehensive furnishing solution. Secondly, we work with carefully chosen partners who share our commitment to ease and excellence. Above all, whether you’re relocating to a new apartment or managing a vacation rental, we can furnish it for you – quickly and beautifully. Learn more about Furnishr here

So, what’s the Furnishr solution?

1. We design packages of furniture + accessories for your entire home.

2. We coordinate the logistics of ordering + shipping.

3. We deliver and set it everything up in your home.

Meet Our Team

Michael Van, Cofounder & CEO of Furinshr

Mike Van

Co-Founder & CEO

Karen Lau, CTO & Cofounder of Furnishr

Karen Lau

Co-Founder & CTO

Danielle Dexter

Danielle Dexter

Design Manager

Isla McKay - Design Concierge

Isla McKay

Account Executive


Anthony Chow

Product Owner


Ripdaman Singh

Logistics Coordinator

Eunji Lee - Operations Coordinator

Eunji Lee

Logistics Coordinator


Twinkle Ghadia

Customer Success Specialist


Carmen Muhtashem



Samantha Dignard


Tamara Winsor

Tamara Winsor


Let us show you how enjoyable furnishing can be

Contact Us

Phone: +1-571-341-7389


Toronto Office: 215 Spadina Ave, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 2C7