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We are a group of curious designers, and we write about furniture and interiors. The Furnishr blog has categories below to help you find your inspiration! 

Here, you’ll find a balance of practical content and playful design. For instance, we cover relocation tips and Airbnb best practices. We also geek out about cool furniture from TV shows and movies, and we also do fun furniture-related thought experiments (like what would Santa’s master bedroom look like?). Above all, we offer actionable tips for furnishing and interior design that help everyday people live stylishly. Need to know how to make a one-bedroom apartment more guest-friendly? We got you. What about examples of small living room layouts? Check this out.

But our big goal is to make furnishing fun, easy and efficient! So, if you’re moving to a new place, relocating for work, or thinking about starting your own Airbnb, check out our furnishing services. We’ve made the process easy. All we need from you is your floor plan, and then you get to collaborate with our interior designers to pick the style that’s right for you. Then, we do the rest! That’s right, you sit back and relax while we will order, ship, and set up all your furniture for you. Sounds great, right? Your future self wants Furnishr. And it’s as simple as starting with a free consultation call with one of our designers. 

So drop us a note if you’re thinking about furnishing! Or to let us know if you agree with our (very unofficial) ranking of the best home design shows on Netflix. Enjoy the blog, and thanks for being here! We’re revolutionizing the furnishing process, and we can’t wait to show you how.

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