How It Works

This is the step-by-step guide on how we furnish your entire home in a day.

Choose your style
PROVIDE Project Details

1. Start project

  • Tell us about this project we will be furnishing
  • The size of the home (studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom)
  • Where and when do you need it furnished?
  • Tell us the styles you like

2. Receive design and collaborate with designer

  • You will receive your initial proposal with at least 2 unique design packages
  • Work with your designer one-on-one to edit your design packages via a call, live chat or emails
  • We will make as many changes as you need to achieve the perfect look for your home, and the design service is completely free
Your Design Proposal
Pam Design Proposal
Final Design PACKAGE

3. Purchase with ease

  • Purchase the final design package
  • The package price includes all the product costs, delivery and setup
  • After you purchase, you will work with your delivery manager to schedule the delivery
  • Check out our financing options here.

4. Wait for delivery day

  • The delivery is typically 4-6 weeks after purchase is made.
  • See your delivery lead time here.
  • On the delivery day, our team will set up each item in your package in each room
  • We also clean up all the packaging debris
  • The setup can take 2 to 4 hours
  • What happens on delivery day?
Bedroom setup

5. Move in and enjoy!

Empty living room with staircase

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About Furnishr

We believe every home can be beautiful without breaking the bank. We realized that the high cost of furniture and the inconvenience of design and logistics are annoying challenges for most people moving into a new place. So we started Furnishr and are helping more and more people to furnish their entire home from scratch.

Above all, we are a diverse group of people with the singular mission of making every home beautiful, conveniently and affordably.  

Meet the Furnishr team here.

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